On June 4th 2019, our daughter Cati,  attended her second day of summer camp. Because Cati did not know how to swim, we told the camp that she must wear a life jacket before entering the pool area.  That request was ignored, and Cati drowned because she was not wearing a life jacket. Her death could and should have been prevented.

Please ask these questions before enrolling your child in any day or summer camp.

  1. Is the camp regulated or audited?
  2. Has the camp had any previous violations during inspections or regulatory visits? You may be able to find this information publicly depending on your location. In Texas, www.dfps.texas.gov.
  3. What, if any, water safety training does their staff receive?
  4. What is the child to staff ratio when around or in water?
  5. Ask to see their water safety emergency plans. All camps and child care facilities participating in water-related activities should have one in place. 

*Always notify the camp staff if your child is a weak or non-swimmer and make sure you also tell your child’s direct counselor.  If your child is a weak or non-swimmer, teach them not to enter the water until they are wearing a properly fitted and fastened life jacket.  Everyone, regardless of age or swimming ability should wear a life jacket when on a boat or when they are in or around open water.


*A study has shown that if your child is comfortable swimming with WATER OVER THE HEAD , then it is reasonable to assume that they do have swim skills.

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